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Vaquero Saddle and Spanish Tack

An introduction to the wonderful range of options available in the true spanish and vaquero saddles. These saddles are handmade in Andalucia to individual order.

Top quality leather, superb workmanship direct from the master saddlemaker, Ramón Bolaños. No middleman, no overheads, genuine cost-saving to buyers.
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The beautiful work of hand embossing is an art in itself. The stud brand or a rider’s initials are proudly carried. Ramon’s work can be seen on horses at the Royal School in Jerez, and in the Doma Vaquera championships.

silla perilla saddle vaquero vaquero saddle baticola silla vaquera

Silla Vaquera - Colours

The traditional colours of the vaquero saddle of spain are avellana - hazelnut brown - and black. Covering the seat is the zalea - the comfortable sheepskin; and across the front is carried the manta estribera, the stirrup blanket.


Leather Finish

The back of the concha can be finished in various ways: Lisa Smooth - Rayada Lined - Moteada Embossed - con Hierro With Brand or Initials. The perilla - pommel - is finished with the same design.

silla vaquera rayada moteada perilla 5 sillavaquera arabesca

The last image is of the intricate Arabesca a detailed hand-crafted frieze design of leather over leather.
All the photos on these pages are of Ramón’s work. No photoshopping or image enhancement of any manner has been employed.


More on Vaquero Saddles

Buy direct. Choose every detail - colour, design, a personal leather embroidered brand.

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