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Spanish Horse Rescue and PRE Breeders in Spain

Help Rescue Horses in Spain

Recent news articles have focused on the plight of breeders and the horses that are going to the slaughterhouse.

Homes are being offered to horses in need, sponsors are stepping forward to help with upkeep costs. Even those who live far away are being moved to action.

You can make a difference.

Homes are needed for rescued and rehabilitated horses, and sponsorships are needed for upkeep.

We are in contact with a center that is working tirelessly in horse rescue. The Centre is staffed by volunteers, and funded entirely by donations.

You would be amazed at what can be done when people band together to make a difference. To impact the well-being of a horse can cost as little as 5 euros a month.

You Can Help Horses in Spain

We recently published an article on this website about our perspective on the financial crisis in Spain and the impact it is having on PRE breeders here.

We understand that the thought of beautiful baroque andalusians being sent to the slaughterhouse is painful, and at the same time we are aware that all horses in Spain are affected, not just the PREs.


8 PRE mares and foals belonged to a breeder who had fallen on hard times.

The owner wanted the best for his mares and the center was able to take all of them away to be fed up then put out to new homes.

At this time all except one have been re-homed

Sponsors and donations are needed to help with the mare’s recovery costs.

Rescue Center for Horses in Spain

Casa Epona is a family run stables that is active in the rescue of abandoned, abused and starving horses in Spain.

It is a non-profit project, with rescues funded by the help of supporters, by the riding lessons and hacks they give, and by the sale of tack.

The result is a sanctuary where abused and neglected horses are given both medical care, and a loving home.


Paloma was found abandoned on wasteland.

She was painfully thin, with many injuries including a very swollen leg and an ulcer in her eye.

Work has begun to rehabilitate her and get her back to full health.

Sponsors are needed to help towards the costs of her medication.

All Spanish Horses affected by Financial Crisis

The financial crisis has impacted many breeders in Spain.

As well as PREs, the crossbreds and family horses are also being affected. Figures given about the number of horses going to slaughter are for ALL horses of all breeds and types

The Centre does not discriminate. They help all equines from ponies to mules to donkeys to purebreds.


When the centre first saw Saxon he was with 8 others, tied up and seriously underfed.

They engaged in a slow and difficult process involving town hall, police and authorities to encourage the owner to improve the conditions

Thanks to these tireless efforts and the continued pressure, the horses are now being fed and are looking much better.

Spanish Horse Rescue in Spain : Who do you Answer To

The Center operates under the umbrella of the Brigada Azul, a larger organisation which is run by the charitable NGO Fundación Internacional Para la Protección de los Animales (FIPARM).
Brigada Azul officers include veterinarians and technical specialists in animal protection. They investigate reports of animal mistreatment, remove animals from abuse, and work with the authorities to gain prosecutions in cruelty cases. Since its inception the Brigada has conducted more than three and a half thousand official actions. 99% of the cases in which they have been involved have been resolved successfully.

The Centre is currently in process of being registered as a Fundación in its own right

Who to Contact, How to Help

We at Yeguada Peregrino are Breeders. Our stock is separate from the rescue horses we are speaking of. see right hand menu. The rescue horses, and responsibility for information and finances concerning them rests with Casa Epona. For contact and donation information go to their website

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