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Spanish Horse and Dressage

Spanish dressage horses for sale from Spain. Forward going, with soundly established basics, from Novice to Prix St George and Grand Prix.

The spanish horse in dressage can hold his own, as has been shown in the Olympics and in a number of high level competitions in Europe, Australia and the US.

The PRE andalusian competing in dressage presents with elegance and ability in the areas of collection, piaffe and passage - areas which comprise a significant portion of the higher level dressage tests.

Spanish Horse in Dressage - Advantages

Especially in the favour of a spanish horse in dressage is the inherent temperament which permits him to handle both learning and the stresses of competition well.

There is an ever-increasing group of riders who may not wish to make the Olympics, but are enjoying pursuing the dream of personal achievement. The realities of life can mean that, as one put it, ’We don’t bounce so easily’, and these are riders looking for performance with an element of comfort. The PRE fits that profile.


The equilibrium and compression required for changes, pirouettes and the collected exercises of dressage are complementary with the spanish horse morphology, while their capacity for extensions becomes truly visible in the 6th year as the horse develops with correct training. More on training the spanish horse in dressage.

Trainers of the spanish dressage stallions presented on-site and in Private Treaty, include National Riders. The dressage Horses they present range through Novice, Medium, PSG and Grand Prix levels.

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