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Pure Spanish Horse Bloodlines

Pure spanish horse bloodlines that are recognised and highly regarded in our home country. PRE bloodlines that are recognised by overseas breeders. Studs who pay careful attention to genealogies and types.

What is the history of the different PRE studs in Spain? Who are the leading Pura Raza breeders? What is known of upcoming Purebred Spanish horse studs?

What spanish horse bloodline should I breed?

Breeders have different ends in view. Some are breeding the Pura Raza for its classic beauty. Others see the potential of the spanish horse in dressage. Still others have a passion for the colors that are again appearing in the breed.

Do you want elegance? A classic white spanish andalusian? A strong carriage horse? Each tends to a different line.

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We enjoy interaction with our readers, and many ask us about our experiences with the spanish horse. The same queries often arise, and a series of booklets is now in production.

1 - The BREED

Purebred Spanish Horses. Carthusians. Andalusians. Iberians. Other spanish breeds.


What is needed, and what is a Red Flag

3 - KNOW your HORSE

Ability, suitability, looks, conformation, movement


Who is Who, and what does it mean. Classic studs. Famous ancestors. Marketing waffle.

5 -FIND your HORSE

Where to look. How to read Ad Speak.


Pure Spanish Horse Bloodlines - How do they Compare

Compare here isn't a case of ’better’ - there are many good historical lines.

The Q's to be asking are how much of what line does a horse have, and what else is in the mix. The bloodlines can be equal in ’value level’ but produce different qualities in the horse. Choice is according to what you want to do with your pure bred spanish horses.

Considerations about PRE Bloodlines and Genealogy

What does his ancestry tell you when you consider

  • the inter-mixing of bloodlines,
  • the injection of an outside line,
  • the issue of line breeding.
  • How prepotent was a particular stallion? A mare?

The influence of one horse in a genealogy of 14 horses (3 generations) can be quite diluted: Keep asking questions.

  • What was this input mixed with?
  • Are the other lines true to the same type?
  • Has a stud that produced good horses a generation ago continued in the same quality?

Bloodline of Leviton or Agente

Admittedly, these two horses were pivotal in the development of the modern PRE. Agente lived years ago, and had descendants. Leviton his son was born in and has descendants.

If there is advertising emphasis on them as ancestors, then I believe there should be more information on exactly how far back they appear in a genealogy, just how diluted their input is, and who else is in the mix.

There are many studs in Spain breeding towards particular lines in the spanish horse. Take the time to find the one that fits your particular profile.

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