Carthusian horse - Cartujano horse

The Carthusian horse - cartujano horse is part of the romance of Spain. Carthusian bloodlines are always of interest due to their historic connections. and always a point of discussion.

One supporter and spokesman for the Carthusian says: The genetic input of the Carthusian is present in all the spanish studs. A scientific study in turn states that genetic testing has shown there is no difference between the so-called Carthusian and the remainder of the PREs

Carthusian influence in the PRE

Some studs have chosen to concentrate on refining this heritage into a pure line, others enjoy the benefits it gives to the newly emerging spanish sports PREs.

The pure and true older lines have size, bone, substance and presence and can often surprise with their movement.

Our stock has strong historical lines with a constant input of select Yeguada Militar bloodlines, and the lines of Leviton.
Our carthusian bloodlines go back to Terry, Romero Benitez, Pallares and Valentin de Soto.
Read more on these in the pure spanish horse bloodlines section.

Carthusian horse - Cartujano horse : What are they?

  • A horse called a Cartujano and a carthusian horse are the same thing. These are the Spanish and English terms.
  • The cartujano horses are a line within the Pure Spanish horse. This line is considered by some to be the epitome of the original, historic Spanish horse.
  • You cannot separate the cartujano from the PRE. Cartujanos - carthusians ARE Pura Raza Española horses

Cartujano - Carthusian - Cartuja. How are they connected?

The spanish word "cartujano" derives from the name of the Order of the Monasterios de la Cartuja. These monasteries of the Carthusian monks were instrumental in producing, protecting and propagating the line of the carthusian horse.

La Yeguada de la Cartuja is Spain’s National Stud. Located here in Jerez, at the farm Fuente del Suero, the stud dedicates itself to the Cartujano lines.

Yeguada de la Cartuja has both modern and historical records.

They say that the Carthusian line in the pure spanish horse can be traced back for over 500 years. Being a romantic, I would like to believe this. Being a researcher, I must still consider the scientific DNA findings.

There is no doubt, though, that the Cartujano has strongly imprinted some of the oldest breeding lines in Spain.

The Stud at la Cartuja works to promote this part of Spain’s national heritage, maintaining the largest concentration of carthusians in the world.

  • A large herd of pure cartujano breeding mares.
  • Up to 60 working carthusian stallions in stables.
  • Top level clinical facilities

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La Yeguada de la Cartuja, Center of the Carthusian Spanish horse

The cartujano stallions from the stud are available for outside breeding. Live covers or cooled semen only, no frozen semen.

Yeguada de la Cartuja is situated barely 10 minutes from a monument that is one of the original Carthusian monasteries.

Weekly displays of the stock and their traditional handling are held there.