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The Andalusian Horse, Spain and Papers

The heart of the PRE world is in Andalucia, southern Spain, a place rich in history and stories.

The beautiful pure spanish horses that we breed and train here are sometimes referred to as andalusians. Why is this? What is the difference between an andalusian and a pre?

image copyright pshs This is developing into a series of pages on the Papers and Processes surrounding the PRE. If the page you are seeking is not up yet, write us direct.

Outlined here is the difference between PREs and andalusians, in a nutshell. Spanish horse paperwork is directly related to this, and can be followed up via the right hand About menu.

Andalusian Horse Spain - Paperwork

Paperwork in Spain is detailed, precise, and well executed. We are spanish, live here with our horses, and work through the accompanying necessary bureaucracy. It is completely manageable.

Accusations of the spanish being lax with paperwork are easily made, but not always correct. This excuse can be used as a sidestep when individuals, often those involved in a sale, have failed to go through the correct process.

Purebred Spanish Horse or Andalusian

The distinction must be drawn between
- the PRE, or Purebred Spanish horse who is correctly registered in the PRE Spanish Stud Book in Spain
- a non-registered or part-bred spanish horse, often called an ’andalusian
- a part-PRE horse who is registered in one of Spain’s other Stud Books

image copyright pshs The Purebred Spanish horse - PRE - is a particular breed that is strictly registered. There is one central Stud Book in Spain, and every PRE is entered in this Stud Book with genealogical records that are easy to trace. Andalusian is a term that can be used to describe a part-bred or spanish type horse.

It is not a case of one being ’better’ than the other. ’Better’ is a value judgment that relates to intended end purpose. It simply means that the part-bred/andalusian horse is not a purebred PRE, and is not eligible for entry in the Spanish Stud Book.

The differences between PRE and Andalusian can be seen in price and in paperwork, and there are certainly papers that make identifying and following up on a PRE easier than when we are dealing with a non-registered part-bred.

Spanish Horse Papers and Registration

Minimum papers ALL HORSES leaving Spain MUST HAVE whether PRE or Andalusian;
- spanish equine passport
- Health certificate or tarjeta sanitaria
Neither of these are PRE registration papers. More on these in pages coming soon.

Andalusian Horse Spain - Papers or Not

Keep distinctions clear between MICROCHIP - BRAND - PASSPORT - GREEN CARD

Microchip for a PRE

An equine microchip in Spain is a formal, government controlled identification. Equidae are microchipped, from horses through donkeys to the Przewalskis at the zoo. A microchip is not a guarantee of Purebred Spanish Horse status.

BRAND on a horse from Spain

A spanish horse brand is a sign of ownership, placed on the foal by the breeder. Very common here. It is not obligatory, but is most traditional. An andalusian brand can be useful in tracing a breeder, though there are thousands of brands, and not all are listed.

A brand on a horse from Spain is not a guarantee of any papers or breeding register.

GREEN CARD or Carta Verde from Spain

Carta Verde or green card. Compulsory for travel. A health certificate that has nothing to do with breed grading. It is not the same as the Carta de Inscripcion y Genealogia, which is also green.

PASSPORT of a Spanish Horse

An equine passport is compulsory for breed registration as a PRE and for all horses for travel. Unless it contains the complete Carta de Inscripcion y Genealogia, it is not an indication or guarantee of PRE status.

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There are two Iberian pureblood breeds. The PSL - Puro Sangue Lusitano - a Purebred Lusitano, registered in the Portuguese Stud Book, and the PRE - Pura Raza Espanola, Pure bred Spanish horse, registered in the Spanish Stud Book. So what is an andalusian? read more

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