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Rescue Work in a Center in Spain

PREs and the Financial Crisis

Pure Spanish Horse Spain. Your window to our world. Photos. Books. Horse Blogs. People. Stories. Open Question Line.

And of course, the PRE horses, the heritage of Spain. Dressage performers. Breeding stock. Classic pure spanish bloodlines.

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Written by spaniards, sharing the wisdom passed down though the generations.
Written with joy, sharing experiences and information.

Written for everybody. Breeders, dressage riders, and the growing worldwide community of people who love spanish horses, whose dream is to have an andalusian to enjoy.

Talking, as only spaniards can, about the purebred spanish horses of Spain. Featuring our own videos, fotos and horses presented independent of agents and dealers.

The Spanish Horse Blog
Spanish horse blog direct from Spain. PRE happenings and spanish horse news. The Pure Spanish horse, Spain's horsemen, Andalucia's secret places and the rich world around us.
Spanish Horse Video
Spanish horse video. Training, breeding, movement, handling. Buying a spanish horse. Andalusian videos from andalucia, in english. Unique videos, photos, stories and horse diaries
Horses in Spain 2009
horses in spain 2009 blog. Spanish breeders of PREs, english speaking. Unique videos, photos, stories and horse diaries
Spain Horses and FAQs
Spain Horses, FAQs and articles. Buying a horse in Spain, insights about the PRE. Brands, Bloodlines, Papers, Piroplasmosis, Tack, Translations and more. Written in Spain, by spaniards, from the centre of it all. Inscribed, revised, apto, breeding, ANCCE, the Spanish Stud Book.
Spanish Horse Names
Spanish horse names as given to inscribed and revised PREs can be confusing to non spaniards. Why do so many horses have the same names? What do the numbers mean? If two PREs have the same name are they related? Articles in english, straight from Spain.
Spanish Horse Carta
Spanish horse carta is the term generally used to refer to the registration of a PRE with the Spanish Stud Book. Papers necessary for registration and import of a purebred spanish horse, clarifying the terms.
PRE Stud Book Spain
The PRE stud book Spain is administered by ANCCE-LG. Requirements, process, terms,translations. English website direct from breeders in spain - your window on the spanish world. The purebred spanish horse in spain and other countries.
Qualified Pure Spanish Horse
A qualified pure spanish horse is one who has passed the more stringent grading that follows after the initial Revision. A Calificado PRE has passed through a scoring assessment and x rays. What Qualification for a purebred spanish horse entails, what horses can be Calificado
What is an Andalusian
What is an andalusian horse? The same as pure spanish? Do American registries differ from in spain? FESCCR. Cria Caballar. The Spanish Stud Book.
Carthusian Horse Cartujano Horse
Carthusian horse cartujano horse - a line within the Pure Spanish horse considered by some to be the epitome of the original, historic Spanish horse. Our stock directly traces in these lines.
Price of an andalusian horse
The price of an andalusian horse, a PRE ,a Lusitano can range from below 10 000 to over 100 000 euros. What makes an iberian horse worth his price? Is a dealer worth his fee?
Spanish Horse Mane Care
Spanish horse mane beauty. Length and thickness are genetically determined. No cost, natural ways to assist the mane of an andalusian to look good and grow to the fullest.
Find a Spanish Horse in Spain
To find a spanish horseor an andalusian in spain is easy. To find one that is well handled, sound, and correctly trained requires some careful planning. How to do it.
5 star vetting
5 star vetting. What should you know about a 5 stage vet check or pre purchase examination when you buy a horse in spain.
Piroplasmosis in the Spanish Horse
Piroplasmosis is found in nearly every country in the world. What is it. What doesit ,mean to you. What tests are needed to import an andalusian Spanish horse.
Import Export Spanish Horse Spain
To import or export a spanish horse from Spain is not difficult. Have the full story and peace of mind. The facts on health, quarantine, registration, transport, paperwork
Spanish Horses in Spain
Spanish horses in Spain range from the superb dressage horses of Grand Prix, through the pleasure horses who can easily handle a local show and take you on an enjoyable and safe hack. Private Group of spanish breeders and trainers in Spain. We are fluent in english.
Pure Spanish Stallion for Sale
Pure spanish stallion for sale. PRE studs feature their horses with fotos, videos, and links to articles about pure spanish stallions for sale. Our own horses and free exposure to breeders in Germany, Spain and France. No commission charged.
Spanish Horse Dressage
The spanish horse in dressage holds his own, as seen in the Olympics, and in a number of high level competitions in Europe and the US. Spanish dressage horses for sale from Spain. Soundly established basics. National trainers. Novice to PSG to Grand Prix and our own horses for sale.
Spanish Horse for sale
Spanish horse for sale from Spain. Direct from breeder. Dressage training, correct papers, vetted and x-rayed. Our own horses at direct cost. No agents fees.
Spanish Horse Prices in Spain
Spanish horse prices - what can you expect to pay for a PRE in Spain. Training, correct papers, vetted horses. Questions to ask the seller. Our own horses at direct cost.
Pure Spanish Horse Bloodlines
Pure spanish horse bloodlines that are recognised and highly regarded in our home country, Spain. Breeders and studs who pay careful attention to genealogies and types. History of the different PRE studs in Spain. Leading Pura Raza breeders. Upcoming Pure Spanish horse studs
Bloodlines Bohorquez Ruiz
The PRE horses of Miguel Bohorquez Ruiz, the long-established PRE breeding stud, and the bloodlines Bohorquez Ruiz has refined, are a part of the foundation history of the spanish horse in Andalucia.
Carthusian Bloodlines
Carthusian bloodlines in the spanish horse. Are they more myth than history? Investigating the facts, the history and the romance.
Bloodlines Miura
Bloodlines Miura of the Pure Spanish Horse. An historic PRE stud, the Miura bloodlines can be found in many noted breedings. What were the qualities that made the yeguada of Miura sought after?
Bloodlines Yeguada Militar
Bloodlines Yeguada Militar in the pre horse of Spain. Translated it means Military Stud. What does it mean to a breeder and a rider. What are good lines within YM. Who were Deco, Leviton, Maluso, Jenson, Agente.
Website Spanish Horses
A website on spanish horses - much more than a sales site. News and resources, books and free videos. Breeders and trainers talking about the spanish horse. Direct from Spain to help you in your search for an andalusian.
PRE Stud Spain
PRE stud spain. Our own Pure Spanish horses. Dressage trained by top riders. Answers and articles. Breeding stock, Qualified, inscribed, revised as apt for breeding, registered with ANCCE and the Spanish Stud Book. We are spanish, fluent in english.
Spielblonde Media
Spielblonde Media helps people to build successful websites. Never done it before? Baffled by computer-speak? The website you want, on the subject you love, in your own time. Low costs, high results. Surprise yourself and others. You can do it.
Jerez and Feria
Jerez and feria are linked in history. Feria del caballo in Jerez de la Frontera, Andalucia. Horses, carriages, laughter. photos, insider moments
Training Diary PRE Filly Barquillera
Photo and video training diary of pre filly barquillera - purebred spanish filly in Spain. Born 2006.
Pure Spanish Horse Videos
Pure Spanish horse videos. Pura Raza horses in Spain. Dressage, training, preparation and pleasure. Free to watch and enjoy. Filmed in their own environment. Independent database.
SBI TV and spanish horses hit it off
PRE Bloodlines
PRE bloodlines. Lines from different PRE studs in Spain. Leading Pura Raza breeders.
PRE ANCCE. Registering and grading a spanish horse. Qualified / Calificado pura raza. The Spanish Stud Book. Other organisations?
Orphan Foal
Orphan foal. The challenge of feeding and caring for a foal orphaned just after birth.. Week 1 in the diary of pure spanish foal Bodega, orphaned at 48 hours
Orphan Foal Growth
Orphan foal growth record and growing up. Care and feeding from birth. Growth with her companion. Week 3 in the diary of pure spanish foal Bodega
Spanish Horse Brand
A spanish horse brand is part of the tradition of Spain. Unique photo record of many brands. What does a brand mean, and what is proof of registration.
Spanish broodmare - Spain
Spanish broodmare in Spain. A blog on our foundation PRE breeding mares at the spanish stud. Meet our foals. How we choose stallions, how to register in Spanish Stud Book. We are fluent in english.